A berry bush, showing ripe red currants, ready to be harvested.

Embracing Sustainability

At Marmelkroken, we take immense pride in serving local food, celebrating the rich bounty of our surroundings. Our kitchen is a testament to this, with a menu predominantly featuring locally sourced ingredients, many of which are foraged or grown by our dedicated team. This not only supports our local producers but also minimizes our carbon footprint.




Architect designed nature shelter built on high poles, or stilts so its tiny house sits among the treetops. here you can climb up and enjoy your lunch bag or a cup of coffe. We call it the highchair, but also the smalest restaurant in the world.

Unique Accommodations and Experiences
Our range of accommodation has been thoughtfully designed, with each unit offering a unique perspective of the stunning landscape – from ocean to mountain. Architectural gems like our nature shelter and birdboxes blend seamlessly with the environment, offering you a comfortable yet immersive natural experience.

Conservation and Education
As a certified Eco-Lighthouse and Eco-tourism entity, we actively contribute to conservation efforts and educational initiatives. From providing birdboxes to developing bee gardens, and installing a clinsingsistem for minimising our emissions and environmental impact, we strive to maintain a harmonious balance with nature.



A beautiful tree in the middle of a field of farmland. There is a little distance, but you can see that there is a bench surrounding the trunk of the tree.There is also a path passing the tree, leading up the little hillside and into the valley.

Long-lasting Impact
We understand the delicate balance of the ecosystem we inhabit. Our operations are guided by a precautionary approach, ensuring that we make a positive, long-lasting impact on both the environment and our guests. Through experiences like foraging, cooking classes, nature walks, and birdbox exploration, we aim to forge a deep, lifelong connection between you and the natural world.

Inclusive and Responsible Practices
Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond environmental concerns. We recognize the importance of social responsibility and inclusivity. This is evident in our support for the local community, employing local labor, and fostering a welcoming atmosphere for all, regardless of background, nationality, gender, or preferences.

A Sustainable Journey Awaits
Join us at Marmelkroken for an experience that not only brings joy and relaxation but also contributes to a larger cause – the preservation and appreciation of our magnificent planet. Together, let's celebrate the beauty of nature in a way that is responsible, sustainable, and deeply rewarding.



A close up on the bench surrounding the trunk of the tree. You see how seamlessly the wood follow the trunk. And beautifully makes a circle.
All photos in this page: Robert Novak

Our Logo consists of poles assembled into a circle. Inspired by the architect designed bench surrounding our beautiful tree. From here you witness the cycle of the year and the course of life. And we are reminded that everything is connected to everything.



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