Jordbruksområder, nyslått eng og grønn skog. Mountaintop, and cloudy sky.

About Marmelkroken

We live in the middle of a unique and incredibly rich natural ecosystem. Where resources, for several thousand years, have created the basis for life on Andøya.

Allmenningen (the Commons) is an old Norwegian concept, established before the year 900! In short: every man should have access to land ranging from sea to mountain, providing a complete selection of resources in order to be self sufficient.

Allmenningen here is literally the land owned by the Marmelkroken farm lodge, from the tidal landscape, through the fields, marsh, forest and to the mountain.

At Marmelkroken we are working on a slightly new interpretation of ´Allmenningen´; here you will find amazing variety of resources and biodiversity. A series of small pieces of architecture is established, each highlighting qualities of the land.


Arcitect design nature shelter by the sea, people sitting talking, children playing by the waterfront. Horizon in the background.

Lisbeth bought the farm in 2011 and has since developed the estate and concept for this unique farm lodge. The latest years in collaboration with the architect firm Biotope, specialized in developing of Place by connecting people to nature through architecture.


By staying at Marmelkroken, you have a great starting point for your stay in the region, and perhaps you discovered some little gems in your immediate vicinity with us. Here at Marmelkroken you can find peace and quiet. We have the sea as our nearest neighbor, and our own forest a stone's throw away.

When you're staying with us, you won't hear much other than the roar of the sea and the quiet sounds of nature. Here you can find your breathing space, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.


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