Andøy International Highland Games 2013

The first Highland Games at Marmelkroken, was a Master-competition With invited contestants. Here 6 of the contestants from The Netherlands, Norway, USA and Japan met to a friendly Battle. After seven excersises, the popular Kengo Kubota, from Japan, stood out as the winner all together. Simultanously it was arranged a workshop and a Battle for local contestants.
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Located in the beautiful surroundings of Bø on the outskirts of Andøya, far North in Nordland fylke.  Here we have settled Down, by the forest, the valley and Mountains, with the north Atlantic sea as nearest neighbour. When you arrive, you will be well recieved by Lisbeth. With good knowledge in the areas, and for those activities and experiences as provided in Andøya and in Vesterålen, the host at marmelkroken will help you plan, so that Your stay will be as comfortable as it can be.
Marmelkroken is a solid base for Your stay in Andøya. Make a stop during the touristroad on the outskirts of Andøya, and say hello to Lisbeth and her staff.
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